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Maggie's Guitar, Madison Red Maxwell Brothers concert Sound of Silence Simon and Garfunkel ReviewSound of Silence ~
Simon & Garfunkel Tribute

Friday September 19, 2014
Doors open 7:00 pm. Concerts starts 7:30 pm.
Tickets: $20 at door, $17 advance,
$10 students/military with ID

Recreating the rich harmonies and intricate melodies that became the soundtrack for a generation, Ron Gletherow and Mike Bailey of Maggie’s Guitar present their tribute to the songs of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel which shaped a nation in the 1960′s and brought folk music to the fore.

Joining them will be the Maxwell Brothers from Madison Red to perform two dozen classics from Paul Simon’s and Art Garfunkel’s careers as both a duo act and solo artists.


Maggie’s Guitar is a four-piece band from the New London, Connecticut, area that
blends layered guitars with complex vocal harmony to play both original songs and
covers of classics ranging from folk to rock. The band’s first CD, Maggie’s Guitar, was
released in 2008; the second, Who Do We Think We Are?, came out in 2011.
Its four members are Ron Gletherow, Margaret Gletherow, Steve Fagin and Mike Bailey.
Two are performing in The Sound of Silence tribute.

Ron Gletherow, is co-founder of “Maggie’s Guitar,” is an English born singer/songwriter who set up home in Connecticut after marrying “Maggie” in December 2000. He had
previously played both solo and as band member on the London pub/club circuit. An avid
Jim Croce admirer, he achieved a lifelong ambition by portraying Jim on the popular
British TV show, “Stars In Their Eyes” to a viewing audience of 11 million in 1998.
He has produced two solo CDs, “Ron Gletherow” and “From England to New England.”
and two with his group: “Maggie’s Guitar” and “Who Do We Think We Are?”

Mike Bailey is a singer/songwriter from Norwich, Connecticut. A recovering newspaper
editor, he now works as a graphic artist and media producer. His first CD, Point, was
released in 2002. He joined Maggie’s Guitar in 2009 in time for the group’s debut CD.
He, fellow Maggie’s Guitar member Steve Fagin and their friend, Sherry Stidfole, founded
the Shoreline Acoustic Music Society, which stages a number of musical events in and around
southeastern Connecticut, including a popular annual music festival.

Ian Maxwell is a pianist and vocalist who plays with the bands Silver Hammer and
Madison Red. He has been deeply involved with music from an early age, starting with
classical and moving on to rock and roll. He has studied piano for several years, receiving a
Royal Academy of Music Excellence award, culminating in a recital at Carnegie Hall.
Some of his main inspirations are Billy Joel, Green Day, Elvis, Elton John and the Beatles.
He currently attends the University of Connecticut.

Duncan Maxwell,the second-oldest Maxwell brother, also plays in the bands Silver Hammer and Madison Red. His first instrument was the banjo, then he picked up the bass guitar, then the acoustic guitar, then electric rhythm guitar, then ukele, then mandolin, then slide guitar. He is also a student at the University of Connecticut.

Aidan Maxwell is the youngest Maxwell brother and joins his brothers in the bands Silver Hammer and Madison Red. Though originally a banjo player, when he first picked up drums he proved to be a natural.

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